A detailed manual on college research paper writing

Writing a college research paper is not a one-time task. A proper planning and research are required while accomplishing this task. As a student, if you are not expert then definitely you require a manual for accomplishing this work. The manual for it should include the steps that are must while writing this kind of report. This article will provide you with the detailed manual that will help you throughout your writing work. If you follow it, you can work in a planned way, which will make your work faster and smoother.


The first and foremost work is planning. Planning starts the time you decide the subject to the final production. Planning for the topic, source of content, resources, format and structure. The plan also includes the time management, the time used for each phase and work. Hence, it is the base step of your work and if it is not done in a good way then your whole paper might get spoiled. So, do it in a well and organized ways

Topic to hypothesis

As you might have selected the topic in the planning phase now in the next step you have to write the hypothesis. Proposing some very useful question to your topic and finding out the exact answers for them will serve your purpose and make your work aligned in a proper way. Now, you have to build a complete storyboard that will revolve around the answer that you have searched for the question on your topic. After creating the storyboard you have to finally write the hypothesis for it.

Finding the sources

This is a crucial step. The kind of source that you will choose will ultimately define the authenticity of your topic and the quality of work. Understanding what the reader exactly need you have to find the related source that will satisfy the requirement of the readers. Evaluating the reliability of each source that you are going to refer in your paper will make it genuine report and will ultimately grab good marks. Ultimately after this entire thing, you have to engage the source in your paper and note down the references for future reference.

Planning your argument and the first draft

Building the argument, putting the research answers and organizing them while assembling all together is next thing you need to do. Not all plans that you might include in the argument are helpful. While creating the draft you have to avoid the plans that are not helpful and file the useful ones. These are the steps that help you throughout the research paperwork. If you get stuck, don’t be afraid to hire a professional dissertation writing service.