Formatting a MLA research paper title page in a few steps

Creating an MLA research paper title page is a simple task. In some cases, creating a title page using this format is not required unless it is requested by the school professor. The cover page has a few details that include project title, student name, and other short details. When properly formatted, the cover page gives the project a polished look. Keep in mind, if your instructor mentions they want you to have such a page follow any guidelines they give to ensure what you create is acceptable. Here are basic details to know about the MLA title page for your assignment.

Information to Mention

As stated earlier, if you receive instructions on how to write your title page follow them carefully. Your instructor may want specific information mentioned on the page. General information found on an MLA title page for research paper projects include your school name (college or university), project title, a subtitle, your name, course name, professor name, and date the project is due. What you are required to have for your title page may vary from details just mentioned, but you get the general idea.

Formatting for MLA Title Page

Details outlined here are to give you a general idea of how to space your content. All information detailed on the page should be centered. The content on the page is double-spaced. You will then mention your school name first. Double-space and add your title about one-third of the page down. The subtitle will go underneath if you have one. A few lines down add your name, course name, instructor name, and due date in that order. Make sure to capitalize words that are required such as proper nouns, names, and so on.

Additional Formatting Tips

Your title should be a larger font size than the rest of the written content on the page. All other wording mentioned should follow the same size font. For example, you could use Roman 12 to write the words, but the title could be size 14. There are free samples online of MLA title pages to consider. You could also review samples used for research paper projects. After creating your title page review it with your instructor to get insight. The title page is a simple part of the project. Just remember to use the right amount of spacing and keep all written content aligned in the center.