How to organize an introduction of a research paper

The introduction of a research paper sets the tone of what is to follow. Believe it or not, but first impressions are extremely difficult to overcome, unless the following material is as important to your subject as the theory of relativity is to physics. So, it is extremely important that you have a well-organized introduction that clearly sets the scene for the rest of your paper. In this article, we will discuss exactly how to achieve this.


The introduction provides the basis for why you are conduction your research. It includes the thesis statement, which should be made very clear to your reader.

The thesis statement provides your reader with the aims of what you want to achieve with your writing. Hence, the introduction is very important. The introduction also gives a brief outline of what your paper will be discussing.

Most students complete their final draft of the introduction after they have completed their writing, but you should do a rough draft very early on to set out a rough outline of what you propose to do.

As you write your research or business plan paper, your ideas will develop and so should your introduction along with it. This will also help in making sure that your introduction stays on track with the developments in your ideas.


An important aspect of research paper writing is to include background context of the topic you are writing about. You may be surprised to learn about this, but this is only because many students entirely ignore this part of paper writing.

The background context can go in many places of your essay, and of the place where you can put this is in your introduction. The introduction is a very logical place to insert the background information in, since it is at the start of your writing, and it only seems logical to place it there.


As we mentioned earlier, it is best to do a rough draft of your paper when you start writing. This is to ensure that you can do further drafts to your introduction as you advance in your writing.

The best habit to adopt is to reference your introduction at the beginning and end of every writing session that you conduct.

As you can see, the introduction is vitally important in telling your audience about the aims of your writing. As such, it should be well organized and easy for your audience to understand.